Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Futurity, Flexibility, Humanity

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global automotive parts manufacturing company with 93 production facilities in 22 countries worldwide.
We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of tubular products for automobiles and transportation equipment, and automotive plastic products.
We also build our own production processing equipment in house.

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Sanoh Wins an Award in a Greenery Curtain Contest

The greenery curtain nurtured at our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture) won the Award of Excellence at the FY2018 Koga City Greenery Curtain Contest.

We have worked on wall-greening activities on a company-wide basis since 2009. Greenery curtains serving as replacements for blinds lead to energy savings. The moderate lighting that shines into rooms also has a healing effect. Many leaves were blown away by the strong winds caused by the typhoon this year. However, it has grown into a fine curtain that covers the windows and reaches the rooftop.

Following on from last year, this is the second year in a row we have won this award.