Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Futurity, Flexibility, Humanity

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global automotive parts manufacturing company with 93 production facilities in 22 countries worldwide.
We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of tubular products for automobiles and transportation equipment, and automotive plastic products.
We also build our own production processing equipment in house.

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Social Gathering for Foreign National Employees

Sanoh holds various events to deepen communication between our international employees, build strong relationships and promote inclusive workplace.

We held a social gathering for our foreign national employees at Koga Plant on July 29 (Sun). This event was attended by approximately 40 employees, family and friends with Canadian, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Philippine, Brazilian, French, Vietnamese, Beninese, Belgium, Peruvian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese nationality.

With languages of various countries flying back and forth, everyone had a fun time full of smiles eating a Brazilian- style barbecue while both adults and children played together.

In the future we will continue aiming to enhance the workplace environment so that our diverse personnel can communicate actively beyond countries and departments.