Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Futurity, Flexibility, Humanity

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global automotive parts manufacturing company with 80 production facilities in 23 countries worldwide.
We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of tubular products for automobiles and transportation equipment, and automotive plastic products.
We also build our own production processing equipment in house.

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“Greenery Curtains” Have Flourished Again This Year

With a focus on energy conservation, Sanoh has been engaged in a wall-greening initiative, utilizing “greenery curtains” in an effort to limit increases in room temperature caused by direct sunlight exposure.

Every year, Sanoh employees exchange ideas to determine the types of plants to use and the methods for growing them. This year, every facility succeeded in growing lush, leafy greenery curtains, composed of bitter gourd, cucumber, morning glory, and sponge gourd, which cover exterior walls and provide a cool and refreshing appearance. This was achieved through the dedication and ingenuity of the employees in fertilizing the soil, adjusting the growth direction of the vines, and protecting the plants against strong winds and typhoons.

The growing of greenery curtains not only conserves energy, but it also has become a summer tradition in which Sanoh employees can collaborate with their colleagues and deepen their understanding of one another through participation in a fun, hands-on activity.