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Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global automotive parts manufacturing company with 91 production facilities in 22 countries worldwide.
We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of tubular products for automobiles and transportation equipment, and automotive plastic products.
We also build our own production processing equipment in house.

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Sanoh UK Employees Win Engineering Apprentice Awards

Members from Sanoh UK. From the left: Mr. Filler (Production Director), Mr. Howe (New Apprentice in Engineering Center), Mr. Kyte (New Apprentice Engineering Center), Mr. Roberts (Engineering Center Manager) and Mr. Mereweather (HR Manager)

Two manufacturing technicians from Sanoh UK Manufacturing Ltd. (Sanoh UK), the Sanoh Group’s base of operations in the United Kingdom, were presented with a combined three awards at the conclusion of their participation in the Engineering Foundation Training course conducted by the British Engineering Manufacturers Association (BEMA).

Sanoh UK sends novice manufacturing technician employees to participate in the BEMA apprentice program in order for them to receive practical training to improve their skills to support manufacturing. During the training program, which is the first year of a four-year apprenticeship, the participants learn essential skills needed for their jobs.

At the end of the 2017 BEMA course, Sanoh UK employee Josh Howe received the Apprentices Apprentice award, which is given to the person chosen by follow participants as the best representative of the entire class based on his/her personality, character, and professional skills. Howe also received the Best Phase Test award, which goes to the person who demonstrates high skill standards and achieves outstanding results on practical tests following each learning module.

Fellow Sanoh UK employee Harrison Kyte received the Best Portfolio award, which is based on the quality and presentation of the portfolio assembled by each apprentice over the course of their training.

The Sanoh Group will continue to strive to further improve the education and training of our employees and meet the expectations of our customers around the world.