Sanoh Participates in Automotive World

Sanoh participated in the Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo at the Automotive World 2019 exhibition held in Tokyo Big Sight from January 16 (Wed) to 18 (Fri), 2019.

We showcased a development concept for an all-solid-state battery together with the U.S. firm of Solid Power Inc. at an exhibition participated in by automobile related companies from around the world.

Many visitors stopped by our booth at the venue. They had an interest in our environmental issue-focused products and efforts on all-solid-state batteries toward next generation automobiles.

We will continue to proactively work on R&D and to provide high quality products in the future to meet the demands and expectations of all those who we met during this exhibition.

Thank you very much for visiting us.

Main Exhibition Content

  1. All-solid-state-battery (joint exhibition with the U.S. firm of Solid Power Inc. - an investee of Sanoh)
    *Development concept exhibit
  2. Lightweight and high function resin products (e.g., low fuel permeable tubes and connectors with an assembly check mechanism)
  3. High function heat sinks
  4. Metal 3D printing technologies

TABLE FOR TWO Social Action Program

In October 2010, Sanoh introduced the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program. Since then, we have been serving TFT-branded healthy menu items in the company cafeteria at Koga Factory (Ibaraki Prefecture).

TFT is a program which operates under the concept of people like us in the developed world and children in the developing world sharing meals beyond time and space. This program allows us, who are increasingly suffering from obesity, to donate 20 yen, equivalent to one school meal for children suffering from starvation, by purchasing one low calorie healthy menu item.

Sanoh has established TFT-branded healthy menu items on our menu every Wednesday. We donate 40 yen per meal to TFT by combining part of the price paid by employees with support from our company. The total amount we donated in 2018 was 112,120 yen. This means we are able to provide 5,606 meals to children in developing countries.

Sanoh Wins an Award in a Greenery Curtain Contest

The greenery curtain nurtured at our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture) won the Award of Excellence at the FY2018 Koga City Greenery Curtain Contest.

We have worked on wall-greening activities on a company-wide basis since 2009. Greenery curtains serving as replacements for blinds lead to energy savings. The moderate lighting that shines into rooms also has a healing effect. Many leaves were blown away by the strong winds caused by the typhoon this year. However, it has grown into a fine curtain that covers the windows and reaches the rooftop.

Following on from last year, this is the second year in a row we have won this award.

Sanoh Child House Sakuranbo

We have established a childcare center for employees called "Sanoh Child House Sakuranbo" (hereinafter "Sakuranbo") in our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture).

Sakuranbo opens according to our work calendar to allow our employees to engage in childcare and their work with peace of mind. This means it is possible for parents to rush immediately to the center in the event of an emergency. It also makes it possible to shorten the dropping off and picking up time. There are currently 22 children from 0 to 5 years old enrolled in Sakuranbo.

Companies are looking into setting up childcare centers in their plants as part of work style reform. Against this backdrop, we have received requests from many companies to tour Sakuranbo which has been in operation for the past 10 years.

Sakuranbo runs various events throughout the year. These include parent-child cooking events, puppet shows and sports days. In addition, the center also focuses on food education with the children themselves doing everything from planting vegetables to harvesting them with their own hands. The children experienced making and serving dumplings while enjoying traditional Japanese events on jugoya (the night of the 15th day of the 8th lunar month).

Sanoh Volga Receives Best Supplier Award from Nissan Manufacturing Russia

Sanoh Volga Limited Liability Company (Sanoh Volga), the Sanoh Group’s base of operations in Russia, has received the Best Supplier Award in the chassis category for FY2017 from Nissan Manufacturing Russia, LLC.

Sanoh Volga manufactures brake tubes and fuel tubes for automobiles at two bases in Russia. It then delivers these to Renault, Nissan and AvtoVAZ. This award was received at a ceremony held in June because Sanoh Volga’s achievements in the quality and delivery fields were highly rated for the period from January to December 2017.

The Sanoh Group will continue to strive throughout our whole company to supply good quality products that satisfy our customers in the future.

Announcement of Investment in Solid Power Inc.
Social Gathering for Foreign National Employees

Sanoh holds various events to deepen communication between our international employees, build strong relationships and promote inclusive workplace.

We held a social gathering for our foreign national employees at Koga Plant on July 29 (Sun). This event was attended by approximately 40 employees, family and friends with Canadian, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Philippine, Brazilian, French, Vietnamese, Beninese, Belgium, Peruvian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese nationality.

With languages of various countries flying back and forth, everyone had a fun time full of smiles eating a Brazilian- style barbecue while both adults and children played together.

In the future we will continue aiming to enhance the workplace environment so that our diverse personnel can communicate actively beyond countries and departments.

Sanoh Employee Performs Lifesaving Rescue

An employee of Sanoh, Liu Junhong, saved the life of a stranger at a railway station and was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Tokyo Fire Department Shibuya Fire Station.

Liu was at Ebisu Station in Tokyo when she encountered a person that had collapsed in front of the ticket gate; she determined that the person required urgent lifesaving treatment, and she immediately began performing cardiac massage. Until the arrival of emergency services, she cooperated with the station attendants and continued to direct cardiac massage in between the steps of carrying out AED placement, examination, and electric shock delivery. Liu’s taking the initiative to act in that moment resulted in a lifesaving rescue.

Reflecting upon the experience, Liu commented, "Because I had learned from AED training sessions held at Sanoh, I was able to accurately assess the situation and take immediate action. I would like to continue to learn much more in the future."

STI Sanoh Receives Four Awards from Toyota Kirloskar Motor

STI Sanoh India Private Limited, one of the Sanoh Group's local operations in India, has received awards in the four categories below from Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited in recognition of STI Sanoh's accomplishments in 2017.

1. ZERO PPM Award
2. 100% Delivery Rating
3. Best Gemba Improvement Supplier Award for SKD Activity
4. Best Value Analysis (VA) Supplier Award

The increasing rate of worksite improvements year after year has resulted in the stable supply of products. The Sanoh Group will continue to make further efforts to ensure the satisfaction of our customers around the world.

Participating in Watarase Drainage Basin Cleanup Operation

On Saturday, April 21, a total of 166 Sanoh Group employees and their families participated as volunteers in the Watarase Drainage Basin cleanup operation organized by the Tonegawa River Upstream Users Association.

The cleanup operation was carried out at 7 different sites in 6 municipalities around the basin. From the city of Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture, where Sanoh is located, a total of 2,330 people representing 107 local companies and governmental organizations participated in the event.

This was the 18th year that our company has participated in the cleanup operation, but the number of employees for whom it has become an annual family tradition continues to grow. The event is not only about picking up trash: through the cleanup activities, children learn about the importance of protecting the environment, and it also provides a valuable opportunity for employees from different divisions to interact with one another together with their families.

Spanning across the four prefectures of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, and Saitama, the Watarase Drainage Basin is the largest drainage basin in Japan. A great variety of plant life, insects, and wild birds inhabit the rich natural environment of the basin, which has been a designated wetland site under the Ramsar Convention since July 2012.

Sanoh Receives Quality Award from Yachiyo

Sanoh has been awarded the 2017 Quality Excellence Award from Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.

We received this commendation in recognition of our achievement of zero defects among the over 880,000 parts that we delivered to Yachiyo from January through December of 2017.

The award was the result of the active improvement efforts by all of the departments involved at Sanoh working together with a shared focus on quality improvement. Sanoh was the only company among 57 other suppliers to receive the Quality Excellence Award.

Sanoh will strengthen our efforts as we strive to continue to supply products of the highest quality.

The Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) at Sanoh

The cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully this year at the Sanoh Koga Plant in Ibaraki prefecture. After enduring an especially cold winter, the flower buds awoke all at once and burst into bloom at the first sign of spring. As the fine weather continued, the contrast of the blossoms in full bloom against the blue sky further accentuated the innate beauty of thesakura.

We at Sanoh work year-round to preserve our cherry blossoms by maintaining the health of the trees through regular examinations by tree surgeons and pruning branches that could inhibit growth and hinder pest control.

The cherry blossoms at Sanoh deepen our connection with the local area, with many community members telling us that they look forward to this time every year.

Sanoh Volunteers at Marathon Event

On Sunday, March 11, 2018, thirty-two Sanoh employees participated as operation volunteers in the 6th Annual Sanspo Koga Hanamomo Marathon, which was held in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture and drew a total of 13,000 runners.

Sanoh was assigned to operate two water stations again this year, and our volunteers distributed water and worked to keep the marathon course clean. In addition to mineral water, sports drinks, and chocolate bars, this year we also distributed dried plums for sodium replenishment, in response to requests from runners.

This was the fourth consecutive year that Sanoh has volunteered at the marathon, and we will continue to strive through trial and error to carry out our responsibilities smoothly each year while we cheer on the runners.

Contributing to Product and Vehicle Weight Savings

Sanoh's achievements in product and technology development contribute to automotive component weight savings and environmental measures.

The Lexus LS 500 introduced on December 18, 2017 is the first vehicle to be equipped with Sanoh's new plastic tubing for water cooling. Water cooling tubing is used in coolant lines that transfer water between a turbocharger intercooler and a dedicated radiator. We applied our expertise in manufacturing plastic tubing used in fuel lines to develop this water cooling tubing, which achieves a 35% weight savings compared to our conventional stainless-steel metal tubing.

Sanoh water cooling tubing can be used not only in internal combustion engine vehicles, but also in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), making it a product that can be expected to play an important role in the weight savings of next-generation vehicles.

Sanoh will continue our active efforts in research and development as we strive to deliver products that meet our customers' expectations.

Commemorating the Establishment of Overseas Subsidiaries

In 2017, the Sanoh Group held commemoration ceremonies to mark milestone anniversaries for both our base of operations in the United States, Sanoh America, Inc., and our base of operations in Hungary, Sanoh Magyar Kft.

Sanoh America celebrated its 30th anniversary* in June. At the ceremony, we took a look back on 30 years of history, displaying photographs as well as the awards received from customers over that time. The event was a good opportunity for employees' families to learn about Sanoh America, as family members joined employees for guided factory tours and product information sessions.

Sanoh Magyar celebrated its 10th anniversary in August. There are a large number of people in Hungary with an interest in Japanese culture, andkarate andaikido have become major sports in that country. Children from localkarate schools were invited to the ceremony, where they practiced "kata" (forms) together with employees. Later, everyone enjoyed a lunch of Hungarian goulash soup and cake.

The continuation of the Sanoh Group is due to the ongoing support of our customers, employees, and local communities. With our aim on the next ten years ahead, we will strive together as a unified group to ensure that we may continue to supply products that meet the satisfaction of our customers around the world.

* In June 2017, Sanoh America marked 30 years since the founding of its predecessor, HiSAN Inc.

Koga Factory’s Volunteer Fire Brigade Wins Firefighting Tournament

Sanoh maintains a disaster prevention system that places volunteer fire brigades at every factory site to respond in the event of emergencies.

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, the 17th Annual Koga City Fire Department Firefighting Tournament was held at the Koga City Fire Department (in Ibaraki prefecture), and five Sanoh volunteer fire brigade members from departments that operate furnaces at the Koga Factory were selected to participate in the outdoor fire hydrant competition. Of the six competing teams, the Sanoh brigade was once again successful in winning the tournament for the second consecutive year.

The tournament draws volunteer fire brigades from companies based in the local area to compete against one another, with the aim of strengthening the participants’ disaster prevention systems and improving their skills at extinguishing a fire in its initial stages. Each brigade performs a series of firefighting drills involving the use of fire hydrants and hoses, during which they are evaluated based on their precision, speed, teamwork, and other factors.

Like last year, all of the brigade members selected for this year's tournament were first-time participants. With work circumstances not allowing sufficient time for them to all practice together as a team, the members adopted a shared mindset of "If we are going to participate, let's do well!", and they practiced independently and received guidance from experienced colleagues who had participated in past events. The brigade members’ hard work and dedication to their training efforts led to their victory at the tournament.