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Announcement of Investment in Solid Power Inc.



Completion of Acquisition of Geiger Automotive GmbH Shares



Donations and Support Activities in Response to the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake

Sanoh expresses our sincerest sympathies to the victims of the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Sanoh has contributed donations totaling ¥110 million to support relief efforts and the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake.

The donations included contributions that were given immediately to the prefecture of Ibaraki and the city of Koga. Since Sanoh's founding in 1939, we have proudly operated our primary plant and conducted business activities in Koga, Ibaraki. The earthquake caused significant destruction locally in Ibaraki and has affected many businesses operating in the automotive industry. For this reason, on March 29th Sanoh Executive Vice President Toshiyuki Shinohara visited the prefectural office and presented Governor Masaru Hashimoto (pictured top) with a donation of ¥50 million to support the reconstruction of the affected areas within the prefecture. On March 30th, Mr. Shinohara visited the Koga City office and presented a donation of ¥10 million to Mayor Nakahisa Hakuto (pictured bottom). A further donation of ¥50 million was given to the Japanese Red Cross Society as aid to all of the affected prefectures within the Tohoku region.

In addition to these donations, Sanoh has pledged to match donations collected through disaster fundraising efforts led by Sanoh Group employees around the world, with the combined amount to be given to the Japanese Red Cross Society as well as victim support groups.

Beyond these donations, the Sanoh Group will continue to work to provide support and assistance to those affected by this disaster.

We extend our sincere hopes for the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas.


Report on the Impact of the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake

Sanoh wishes to convey our sincerest sympathies to the victims of the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.

The following is a report on the impact of the earthquake on the Sanoh Group operations.

There were no reported injuries to any employees of the Sanoh Group.

Sanoh has two primary production bases: the Koga Plant located in Koga, Ibaraki and the Saitama Plant located in Kazo, Saitama. At the Koga Plant, minor damage was incurred to some structures and production equipment, but there was no significant damage and there has been no disruption to Sanoh Group production activities. The Saitama Plant incurred no damage.

The impact of the earthquake on performance is currently being assessed. In event that significant impact is anticipated, it will be reported immediately.


Sanoh Begins Local Production of Automotive Tubing in the U.S.

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has acquired an automotive tubing manufacturing facility in the United States and launched the local production of brake tubes and fuel tubes.

Sanoh America, Inc., a 100% subsidiary company of Sanoh, acquired the tubing manufacturing plant located in Archbold, Ohio from Cooper-Standard Automotive. The facility began operating as the Sanoh America Archbold Plant in March of this year, and has launched the production of tubing for automotive piping applications.

Sanoh America had previously been importing tubing primarily from Japan. The Archbold Plant operations will enable the company to create a self-sufficient system covering all processes from tubing production through bending into finished products. In addition, there are also plans to supply tubing manufactured at the Archbold Plant to other Sanoh subsidiaries, beginning in the North American region with Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

For the Sanoh Group, the new tubing manufacturing facility in the U.S. joins those in Japan, China, India and Thailand to form a network of tubing production bases in the five principal regions of operation. Sanoh will supply tubing from these production bases to its automotive tubular product processing facilities in 19 countries across the globe, and will strive to further improve the stable supply and quality of its automotive tubular products for customers all around the world.

Overview of the Archbold Plant
- Address: 701 East Lugbill Road, Archbold, Ohio, 43502, USA
- Site area: 60,704 m2
- Floor space: 22,300 m2
- Investment: USD 4 million


Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has Established a New Company in the U.S. for Marketing and Engineering Services

On July 30, 2003 Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. established a new company, Sanoh MTC Inc., located in Troy, Michigan, U.S.A., to provide marketing and engineering services, aiming to strengthen the customer service function of the Sanoh Group, and develop and expand sales activity in the North and South American markets.

The new company will integrate Sanoh's marketing and engineering services that are currently carried out at Sanoh's six facilities in North and South America, and promote sales to the Big 3 automakers and local system makers, as well as Japanese automakers.

In response to strong requests from customers, Sanoh MTC will promote engineering design and development services, closely exchanging information with customers locally. Core products to be promoted include: automotive tubular parts, such as fuel tubes (steel and plastic) and brake tubes, which are Sanoh's primary products; fuel injection rails, for which Sanoh has received new orders; and brazed products, such as water tubes.

In addition, Sanoh MTC, in collaboration with Ovonic Battery Company (OBC), will also aim to obtain new customers in the U.S. for Ni-MH Batteries, which have until now been promoted mainly to Japanese customers.

The new company plans to initially begin with marketing functions, progressively increase the engineering staff, and introduce development functions in the future.

Sanoh has introduced surface treatment equipment at its facility in Mexico, and has strengthened the production capacity of its facility in Canada. The recent establishment of a new base for marketing and engineering will complete Sanoh's integrated system for business expansion in the Americas for manufacturing, development, and sales.

< Overview of Sanoh MTC >
-Company Name: Sanoh MTC Inc.
-Location: Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.
-Chief Operating Officer: Hiroshi Kuramochi (Operating Officer of Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.)
-Capital: US$1 million
-Sanoh's Bases in North and South America: U.S.A. (Ohio, California), Canada (Ontario), Mexico (Aguascalientes, Baja California), Brazil (Sao Paulo)


Sanoh’s Third Automotive Parts Production Base in China (Wuxi city)

- Plant site contract concluded with Wuxi city in Jiangsu, China -

On July 15, 2003, Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. concluded a contract with Wuxi city, located in Jiangsu, China, for the land usage rights for a production facility site.

A new production plant for brake tubes, Sanoh’s core business, will be established as Sanoh’s third production base in China, with operations scheduled to commence in July 2004. Utilizing the new Wuxi plant as a base point, Sanoh will supply tubing materials throughout China, as well as to our existing fabrication bases: Guangzhou Sanoh and Shanghai Sanoh.

In addition, the introduction of the production of brazed products for automotive engines (by furnace brazing) and plastic products in the Wuxi plant is planned from 2005. Sanoh is working to establish an integrated system of production, from the manufacture and fabrication of tubing materials through sales, in order to respond to the market expansion of the automobile industry in China.

Sanoh, as a global supplier of automotive tubular parts, will continue to enhance our service organization to automobile manufacturers all over the world, including China. (The new Wuxi plant will be Sanoh’s twenty-third overseas production facility.)

An overview of the new Wuxi plant is as follows:
- Location: 104-B Wuxi National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu
(120 km west of Shanghai)
- Site area: 40,000 m2
- Investment: 1.5 billion yen
- Employees: 300 employees in 2007 (estimate)
- Sales: 3 billion yen in 2007 (estimate)


Sanoh to Begin Operations in the New Canada Plant

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has reinforced the production capacity of the Canada plant in Ontario, Canada, and begun its operations in April. The Canada plant is managed by Sanoh's affiliate, HiSAN of Canada, Ltd., and has been recently relocated and newly constructed.

Sanoh has supplied to the North American market through the operations of the three plants in the U.S., the one in Mexico, and the one in Canada. With the doubled production capacity of the new Canada plant, Sanoh aims to expand business in the North American market.

Due to the increased production efficiency flowing from the integrated local production in Canada, it is expected that better service will be provided to the existing customers, the automobile manufacturers, in Canada. Furthermore, efficient production will be achieved overall in North America.

The items produced at the new plant are automotive tubular products including brake tubes, fuel tubes (both steel and plastic), engine parts, and power steering parts.

An overview of the new plant of HiSAN of Canada is as follows:
Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Investment: US$3 million (Approximately 360 million yen)
Site area: 8.8 acres (Approximately 35,000 m2)
Building area: 91,000 ft2 (Approximately 8,500 m2)
Employees: 100 persons
Sales: FY2002 ― Approximately 2,000 million yen
     FY2003 ― Approximately 2,800 million yen


Sanoh placed 408th in Nikkei Corporate Excellence Ranking

On February 24, 2003 Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. was ranked 408th of the total in the Nikkei Corporate Excellence Ranking for FY 2002, a survey using Nikkei's PRISM (Private Sector Multi Evaluation System), a multifaceted corporate evaluation system jointly developed by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. and Nikkei Research, Inc. In the Research and Development segment of the survey, Sanoh was placed 376th, and in the Youthfulness segment, 230th.

This is a ranking of 2070 companies, covering listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and unlisted but leading companies, evaluated taking into account original factors such as flexibility and social responsibility, earnings and growth potential, research and development, and youthfulness.

Total: 408th, Flexibility and social responsibility: 671st, Earnings and growth potential: 518th, Research and development: 376th, Youthfulness: 230th


Sanoh to Begin Tubing Production in Thailand

-- The establishment of a second regional company in Thailand and the commencement of local tubing production --

Sanoh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Sanoh's second regional automotive parts manufacturing company in Thailand, will soon commence operations.

Sanoh Industries will strengthen Sanoh's operations in Thailand through local tubing manufacturing, which provides base materials for automotive brake and fuel lines, and through integrated manufacturing, from tube production and surface treatment, to the manufacture of chassis tubular parts through three-dimensional bending.

Sanoh's first company in Thailand, Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd., was established in 1990 in Ayudthaya, Thailand (100km north of Bangkok). Able Sanoh Industries manufactures chassis tubular parts, including brake and fuel lines, and tubular engine parts, by treating tubing imported from Sanoh Japan to three-dimensional bending and brazing processes.

Sanoh Industries will export tubes to Sanoh's affiliate companies in the ASEAN region (Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines), taking advantage of the low tariff rates afforded by AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area). Furthermore, Sanoh Industries plans to expand operations and strengthen its competitiveness by establishing a system to supply products globally.

Sanoh Industries will begin the production of chassis tubular parts on October 21, 2002, with tubing manufacturing to begin in January 2003. The total initial investment will be 500 million yen, and sales are expected to reach 600 million yen in 2003 and exceed 1 billion yen in 2005.

Location: Amata City Industrial Estate Rayong, Thailand
       (110 km south of Bangkok)
Capital Share: Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. 75%, Mitsubishi Corp. 15%,
         Local capital 10%

As a global supplier of automotive tubular parts, Sanoh has established production bases in 17 countries, and continues to further strengthen the services provided to automobile manufacturers.

In Thailand, automobile production volume is expected to reach more than 500,000 cars in 2002, and automobile manufacturers are planning to further increase production in the future.

Sanoh will continue to supply parts to meet the demands from automobile manufacturers in Thailand, the center of automobile production among the ASEAN member nations. Taking advantage of their strategic locations north and south of Bangkok, Able Sanoh and Sanoh Industries will cooperate to efficiently offer their services to the seven major Japanese automobile manufactures operating locally.