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Air Shutter Guides製品情報


Air shutter guides are functional components for controlling the flow of air to the radiator.

When traveling at high speeds, the shutters close to inhibit the flow of air into the engine room, which contributes to a reduction in aerodynamic drag. In addition, by opening and closing depending on the engine operating conditions, the shutters can also be effective for the thermal management of the engine.


  1. Opening and closing of shutters is controlled by an actuator.
  2. Rigid plastic of shutter bodies and soft plastic of shutter tips (seals) are integrated by double-injection molding. Designed for improved adhesion at contact areas of shutter tips so that soft material of tips will prevent gaps in seals and suppress contact sound when shutters close.
  3. Components are assembled using snap-fit connection system without bolts or other fasteners, which reduces number of components.

Primary Applications

Systems for controlling flow of outside air into automobile engine rooms

Air Shutter Guides