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Pretensioner Tubes製品情報


Pretensioner tubes are used in seat belt Emergency Locking Retractors* (ELRs) and are important safety components for motor vehicle occupant protection.

The pressure resistance of the tube is utilized as part of a system that operates in conjunction with the ELR belt retractor mechanism.

Sanoh pretensioner tubes have been adopted by many major domestic automakers.

* Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) are devices that instantaneously retract seat belt slack in a collision to tightly restrain the driver and all passengers in their seats, further enhancing occupant safety.


  1. Utilizes high pressure resistance of tube
  2. Sanoh tube processing technology prevents occurrence of irregular shaping during bending process
  3. In-house-designed manufacturing and processing equipment enables us to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs

Primary Applications

Seat belt pretensioners

Pretensioner Tubes