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Fuel Senders for Motorcycles製品情報


Fuel senders for motorcycles are components that attach the fuel pump and fuel gauge to the fuel tank.

Metal pipes, which are impermeable to fuel, are brazed directly to the metal flange that seals the fuel tank, thereby minimizing the number of component parts. In addition, the in-furnace brazing method ensures the flatness of the high-quality flange.

Sanoh fuel senders have been adopted by many domestic and overseas motorcycle manufacturers.


  1. Minimal component configuration
    • Achieves cost reductions and weight savings
  2. In-furnace brazing method ensures high-quality flange flatness
  3. Ensures zero HC permeation from the flange surface
  4. Version with partial stainless steel construction also available

Primary Applications

Fuel sender units for fuel tanks

Fuel Senders for Motorcycles