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Water Pipes製品情報


Water pipes are used in automotive water-cooling circulation systems.

Stainless steel, steel, and plastic types are available.


  1. Available in stainless steel, steel, or plastic
    • For the stainless steel type, we also offer a lightweight version made from thin-walled (0.5 mm) pipe.
    • For plastic designs, we use a special injection-molding method known as fluid-assisted injection technology to enable the molding of hollow tubing, which is not possible using conventional injection-molding techniques. With this technology, components such as brackets and flanges can be integrally molded together with sections of tubing. In addition to the possibility of a reduction in the number of components, an effective decrease in the mass of the finished product can be expected from the low specific gravity of the plastic material.
  2. Variety of sealing options available
    • Flange seal type
    • O-ring seal type
    • Rubber hose seal type
  3. Branch pipes can be installed at any point along the water pipe

Primary Applications

Engine cooling systems
Turbo charger cooling systems

Water Pipes
Water Pipes