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Brake Tubes製品情報


Brake tubes are used to transmit hydraulic pressure generated by the master cylinder to the brake units in the wheels.

The tubes link the master cylinder, ABS (anti-lock braking system), ESC (electronic stability control) system, brake units, and other related components.

Due to the high operating pressure of braking systems, brake tubes utilize brazed steel tubing due to the excellent pressure resistance of the material. The tube ends undergo a flaring process in which they are formed into a double flare, an ISO flare, or other shape for high-pressure use, after which the tubes are bent according to the specifications of each vehicle to become finished products.

The image on the right shows multiple brake tubes bundled together with a plastic clamp to form an assembled product. Bundling tubes into an assembly simplifies installation, which improves working efficiency on vehicle assembly lines.


  1. Excellent pressure resistance
    • Guaranteed pressure resistance: 34.3 MPa
    • Burst pressure (reference value): 117.6 MPa (φ4.76), 78.4 MPa (φ6.35)
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance from PA or PVdF coating on tubing surface
  3. Available secondary PP and PE coatings provide excellent resistance against chipping (from stones and other debris)

Primary Applications

General automotive brake tubing

Brake Tubes