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Quick Connectors製品情報


Quick connectors are products that enable pipes to be connected and disconnected without the use of any tools: a connection can be made by simply inserting the mating pipe into the connector.

These connectors were developed with the aim to improve the working efficiency and connection reliability of automotive pipe connection points and to reduce the cost of the entire piping system.

The use of quick connectors began in the North American automotive industry, and adoption is expanding in Japan, as well. A wide variety of quick connectors can be designed and manufactured to meet our customers' needs.


  1. High durability and reliability that is also usable for fuel pipes
  2. Compatible with mating pipe sizes φ6.35 to φ34
  3. Wide range of available variations enables us to propose configurations uniquely tailored to our customers' needs

Primary Applications

Fuel pipes, Heater tubes, Air pipes, Oil pipes

Quick Connectors