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Multi-Layer Tubing製品情報


Multi-layer tubing was developed for use in fuel system components for low-emission vehicles (LEVs), and it is one of the environmentally-friendly products on which we pride ourselves.

This tubing provides a significant reduction in fuel permeation compared to conventional mono-layer tubing, and it is used primarily in vehicles exported to North America, which has strict evaporative regulations*.

* Fuel is able to evaporate through tubing walls, and the resulting vapor reacts with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the atmosphere to produce photochemical smog. Our multi-layer tubing conforms to fuel evaporative emission regulations, which are one type of automotive emissions regulation.


  1. Conforms to North American evaporative emission regulations - the most stringent in the world
  2. Extensive available variations enable us to offer optimal specifications to meet our customers' needs
  3. Modularization is possible with quick connectors, joints, and other connecting components
  4. Usable in a variety of locations, from periphery of fuel tank to harsh conditions in engine room

Primary Applications

Fuel system components for low-emission vehicles