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PA Coating製品情報


PA coating is the application of an extrusion coating of polyamide (PA) resin over the surface treatment (Zn plating) of welded steel tubing and brazed steel tubing.

Its high corrosion resistance vastly exceeds that of fluorocarbon polymer (PVdF) coating.


  1. High-adhesion coating
    • Tube end-forming is possible without peeling off PA coating
    • Completely protects against spread of rust, such as from flare nuts
  2. Exceptional rust prevention
    • Several times more resistant to surface scratches and chipping compared to fluorocarbon polymer coating
    • Developed to maintain rust prevention for 15 years in regions prone to heavy salt damage

Primary Applications

Automotive tubular components (brake tubes, fuel tubes, power steering tubes)
Automotive cluster tubes (fuel supply/return lines to/from fuel tank, hydraulic lines to front and rear wheels)
Other tubular products