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Welded Steel Tubing製品情報


Welded steel tubing is single-wall tubing that is created by forming copper-coated steel strips into a single-layer tubular shape and then welding the surfaces together using electric resistance welding technology.

This tubing has exceptional airtightness. In addition, the internal cleanliness is excellent, the inner weld bead* is extremely small, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth and even. By using a specialized annealing process, the metallographic structure of the weld seam is completely unchanged from that of the original material.

* A bead is a protuberant material deposit that can form during the welding process.


  1. Exceptional airtightness
  2. Excellent internal cleanliness
  3. Weld beads are extremely small
  4. Smooth inner and outer surfaces
  5. Available in a variety of outer diameter sizes
  6. Welded tubing without copper plating is also available upon request

Primary Applications

Automotive tubular components (fuel tubes, emission tubes, power steering tubes, oil cooler tubes, etc.)
Freezing and refrigeration equipment components (condensers, evaporators, etc.)