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CAE Analysis* is an indispensable technology used for product development, especially these days when "Design by Analysis" is the mainstream design method.

Sanoh utilizes CAE analysis for various purposes, including the development of new products and technology, the evaluation of newly launched products prior to trial manufacture, the investigation of the causes of defects, and so on. This process has helped Sanoh to successfully shorten the development period, improve quality, and reduce costs.
This analysis technology with design capabilities is one of Sanoh's many competitive strengths.

We have always continued to strive to introduce new technology. Our technical services are highly valued by our customers for the utilization of analysis technology and our responses reflecting their various needs.

* CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Analysis: Numerical analysis and simulation using computer technology. The analyses of the results (illustrated as pictorial images and graphs, obtained by inputting set values and conditions such as design) allow identification of problems and verification without repeated trial manufactures.