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Yozo Takeda
CEOYozo Takeda

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1939 as Omiya Kohku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (the Omiya Aviation Industrial Company), and has grown continuously and steadily for the past 78 years since then.

Together with the progression of Japan’s economic development, we have experienced internal reforms several times – as have the nature of our products. Initially, we manufactured aircraft parts and, following World War II, we worked in earnest in the brewing business. We later moved to the manufacture of motors and heat exchangers for home appliances and, in 1963, we entered the automotive parts manufacturing industry and began producing specialized tubing for automobiles.

It was not long afterward that we began expanding our operations internationally. Starting with the establishment of Taiwan Sanoh in 1968, and through our most recent establishment in Russia in 2012, we have achieved the status of a global supplier with manufacturing operations in 22 countries around the world.

In order to give due respect to the human assets that make it possible for our company to continue with this self-reform and growth, we have established the HAMS (Human Asset Management and Solution Headquarters) Group at Sanoh. We intend to maximize the knowledge and ambition of each and every one of our human assets to achieve further development and success.

Genya Takeda
COOGenya Takeda

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has traveled a long journey along the path of diversification. Always embracing diversity, we raise our antennas high and wide to anticipate future trends, guided by our basic philosophy of responding to market needs in the current era while generating fresh demand for the new era. With a global manufacturing network that spans 91 locations in 22 countries, Sanoh promotes autonomy at each facility from development to production. At the same time, our domestic facilities proudly employ personnel from 22 countries, from whom we gain a constant stream of fresh perspectives and valuable market intelligence.

Today’s markets are changing on many fronts. In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, uncertainty has mounted on the international political and business scenes. In the automotive sector, demand intensifies year by year for systems that reduce environmental impact and prevent accidents, driving astonishingly rapid innovations in electronic controls, autonomous driving and other advanced technologies. To respond to these rapid changes, Sanoh has been establishing R&D outposts in the United States, Europe and other overseas locations. By forming a global network for marketing and development, Sanoh is accelerating its activities in advanced technology development.

In FY2016 the Company transitioned to a strategic business unit organization, enabling each business segment to reach decisions with greater speed. Sanoh’s aim in organizational development is to create “an ever-learning organization.” By effectively quantifying the capabilities of employees and developing an extensive set of training programs, Sanoh is advancing a policy of developing leaders at an every aspect of its operation, to drive the future of the Sanoh Group.

With a philosophy of “cultivating technology and people” at the core of its activities, Sanoh will continue to push vigorously forward with the delivery of fresh value to all stakeholders.