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PT. Sanoh Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

PT. Sanoh Indonesia (hereinafter “PT. Sanoh”), our base in Indonesia, celebrated its 40th anniversary in September 2019. It held a ceremony (family gathering) to commemorate this.

PT. Sanoh is the oldest local subsidiary among our overseas bases. It currently has 570 employees.

Katsuyuki Kikuchi, President of PT. Sanoh, gave the following address at the ceremony that began with a traditional Indonesian dance: “Let’s all, including our family members, continue to come together as one and work with all our might for PT. Sanoh in the future.” After that, a ceremony was held to award scholarships to the children of employees who received a certificate of excellent results from their schools and a ceremony was held to recognize teams that had actively engaged in quality control activities. This led to an event full of smiles and liveliness.