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Disclosure of the Sandbag Self-standing Sheet Preparation Method

We have renounced our rights to the Sandbag Self-standing Sheet (hereinafter “the Self-standing Sheet”) that we registered as a utility model called “Flexible Bag Opening Self-standing Holder” (registration number: 3170771) so that it can be widely used.

The Self-standing Sheet was devised by our employees while we were providing support to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Self-standing Sheet is a work aid that allows open-mouth sandbags to stand by themselves when filled with earth and sand.

We have delivered a total of 1,350 Self-standing Sheets to areas affected by disasters in response to requests from the local governments in those areas. A growing number of people have been saying that using the Self-standing Sheet reduces the body burden and allows work to proceed smoothly. This has led to them being used by many people to recover from natural disasters.

We hope that allowing everyone to freely make the Self-standing Sheet will be of help in providing reconstruction support in the future. Therefore, we will disclose the preparation method for the Self-standing Sheet together with this notice on the renouncement of our utility model rights.


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