News&Topics Sanoh Opens Koga Factory to 24 Overseas Trainees

Sanoh Opens Koga Factory to 24 Overseas Trainees

August 24, 2000; Koga, Ibaraki, Japan – 24 Trainees from the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarships visited Sanoh on August 24 for a factory tour and lecture provided by Mr. Yozo Takeda, President and CEO of
Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. The members included a group of executive managers from various Asian countries that visited Sanoh to learn about Sanoh’s management and production systems.
The plant tour included explanation of Production Systems, Quality Control Systems, Production Management, Inventory Control (JIT), etc. During the afternoon, Mr. Yozo Takeda provide a presentation on Sanoh’s business management philosophy and Sanoh’s continual pursuit of new ideas and technologies. Sanoh has provided the Overseas Training Program since 1980 to assist in the development of management and production techniques for these Asian Countries