News&Topics Sanoh to Begin Operations in the New Canada Plant

Sanoh to Begin Operations in the New Canada Plant

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has reinforced the production capacity of the Canada plant in Ontario, Canada, and begun its operations in April. The Canada plant is managed by Sanoh’s affiliate, HiSAN of Canada, Ltd., and has been recently relocated and newly constructed.

Sanoh has supplied to the North American market through the operations of the three plants in the U.S., the one in Mexico, and the one in Canada. With the doubled production capacity of the new Canada plant, Sanoh aims to expand business in the North American market.

Due to the increased production efficiency flowing from the integrated local production in Canada, it is expected that better service will be provided to the existing customers, the automobile manufacturers, in Canada. Furthermore, efficient production will be achieved overall in North America.

The items produced at the new plant are automotive tubular products including brake tubes, fuel tubes (both steel and plastic), engine parts, and power steering parts.

An overview of the new plant of HiSAN of Canada is as follows:
Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Investment: US$3 million (Approximately 360 million yen)
Site area: 8.8 acres (Approximately 35,000 m2)
Building area: 91,000 ft2 (Approximately 8,500 m2)
Employees: 100 persons
Sales: FY2002 — Approximately 2,000 million yen
     FY2003 — Approximately 2,800 million yen