News&Topics Sanoh’s Third Automotive Parts Production Base in China (Wuxi city)

Sanoh’s Third Automotive Parts Production Base in China (Wuxi city)

– Plant site contract concluded with Wuxi city in Jiangsu, China –

On July 15, 2003, Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. concluded a contract with Wuxi city, located in Jiangsu, China, for the land usage rights for a production facility site.

A new production plant for brake tubes, Sanoh’s core business, will be established as Sanoh’s third production base in China, with operations scheduled to commence in July 2004. Utilizing the new Wuxi plant as a base point, Sanoh will supply tubing materials throughout China, as well as to our existing fabrication bases: Guangzhou Sanoh and Shanghai Sanoh.

In addition, the introduction of the production of brazed products for automotive engines (by furnace brazing) and plastic products in the Wuxi plant is planned from 2005. Sanoh is working to establish an integrated system of production, from the manufacture and fabrication of tubing materials through sales, in order to respond to the market expansion of the automobile industry in China.

Sanoh, as a global supplier of automotive tubular parts, will continue to enhance our service organization to automobile manufacturers all over the world, including China. (The new Wuxi plant will be Sanoh’s twenty-third overseas production facility.)

An overview of the new Wuxi plant is as follows:
– Location: 104-B Wuxi National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu
(120 km west of Shanghai)
– Site area: 40,000 m2
– Investment: 1.5 billion yen
– Employees: 300 employees in 2007 (estimate)
– Sales: 3 billion yen in 2007 (estimate)