News&Topics Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has Established a New Company in the U.S. for Marketing and Engineering Services

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has Established a New Company in the U.S. for Marketing and Engineering Services

On July 30, 2003 Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. established a new company, Sanoh MTC Inc., located in Troy, Michigan, U.S.A., to provide marketing and engineering services, aiming to strengthen the customer service function of the Sanoh Group, and develop and expand sales activity in the North and South American markets.

The new company will integrate Sanoh’s marketing and engineering services that are currently carried out at Sanoh’s six facilities in North and South America, and promote sales to the Big 3 automakers and local system makers, as well as Japanese automakers.

In response to strong requests from customers, Sanoh MTC will promote engineering design and development services, closely exchanging information with customers locally. Core products to be promoted include: automotive tubular parts, such as fuel tubes (steel and plastic) and brake tubes, which are Sanoh’s primary products; fuel injection rails, for which Sanoh has received new orders; and brazed products, such as water tubes.

In addition, Sanoh MTC, in collaboration with Ovonic Battery Company (OBC), will also aim to obtain new customers in the U.S. for Ni-MH Batteries, which have until now been promoted mainly to Japanese customers.

The new company plans to initially begin with marketing functions, progressively increase the engineering staff, and introduce development functions in the future.

Sanoh has introduced surface treatment equipment at its facility in Mexico, and has strengthened the production capacity of its facility in Canada. The recent establishment of a new base for marketing and engineering will complete Sanoh’s integrated system for business expansion in the Americas for manufacturing, development, and sales.

< Overview of Sanoh MTC >
-Company Name: Sanoh MTC Inc.
-Location: Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.
-Chief Operating Officer: Hiroshi Kuramochi (Operating Officer of Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.)
-Capital: US$1 million
-Sanoh’s Bases in North and South America: U.S.A. (Ohio, California), Canada (Ontario), Mexico (Aguascalientes, Baja California), Brazil (Sao Paulo)