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Sanoh Industrial de Mexico Obtains the Environmental Compliance Certification

Sanoh Industrial de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (SANMEX), our base in Mexico, has received the environmental compliance certification from the state of Aguascalientes as a socially responsible company. The state gives this certification to companies that have achieved the conditions stipulated by the Aguascalientes environmental audit program in various fields in terms of the environment (e.g., waste, noise, air, water, energy and natural resources). As a responsible company that acts and carries out activities with consideration to protect the natural … Read More

PT. Sanoh Indonesia Receives the 2020 Excellence in Quality For Support Mass Production Award from PT Honda Prospect Motor

Sanoh Indonesia (PT. Sanoh), our base in Indonesia, received the 2020 Excellence in Quality For Support Mass Production award from PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) at the HPM 2021 Supplier Conference. Pt. Sanoh was recognized for clearing the global quality index at the top with no market complaints for one year from January to December 2020 in the area of critical safety parts. That led to this award. Mr. Sudaryatno, HPM’s Purchasing Cost Asst. Manager, visited PT. Sanoh on March … Read More

CSR Activities in Indonesia

Torrential rain from February 19 caused flooding in a city near Jakarta in Indonesia. Many homes were damaged by the flooding. The employees at PT. Sanoh Indonesia, our base in Indonesia, united immediately after the disaster to deliver foodstuffs (e.g., rice, noodles and water) and daily necessities (e.g., towels, soap and diapers) to Bekasi which was greatly damaged by the disaster and where a great many of our employees live. We received a video message of gratitude brimming with smiles … Read More

ASICO Receives Quality Award Finalist from Nissan Thailand

Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd. (ASICO), one of our bases in Thailand, has received the 2020 Regional Supplier Quality Award Finalist (Chassis Category) from Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ASICO received this award at the 2020 ASEAN Regional Quality Award & Finalist Ceremony held on November 3. This award is given to suppliers who have obtained top scores in check items such as Quality, Delivery and Response Speed for products delivered in FY2019. Out of five different product categories, … Read More

Sanoh Gardens

Employees at Sanoh’s Koga Factory (Ibaraki Prefecture) are planting and caring for flowers and plants. The flower beds on the premises of the factory are divided into areas by department. Each department plants and cares for their favorite flowers and plants. Taking care of these flowers and plants on a daily basis (e.g., removing weeds, watering them and sprinkling fertilizer) is a refreshing change of pace for the employees. It also leads to an improvement in awareness of environmental beautification. … Read More

Able Sanoh Industries Receives Two Awards from Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing

Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd. (ASICO), one of our bases in Thailand, has been praised for its performance in FY2019 and received the following two awards from Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TDEM). The Winner of 2019 Outstanding Performance Supplier in Cost Improvement ASICO was highly praised for reducing annual costs with proactive VA/VE activities and for improving process costs and Tier 2 costs. As a result, the company received this cost improvement award. Following on from … Read More

PT. Sanoh Indonesia Receives the Quality Award from PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

PT. Sanoh Indonesia (PT. Sanoh), our base in Indonesia, received the 2019 Quality Award from PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN). The 2019 Quality Award is given to one company, among the suppliers of TMMIN, recognized for having excellent quality in each of the five product categories. PT. Sanoh received this award in the chassis category. There were zero defects among the products delivered by PT. Sanoh to TMMIN for the period from January 2019 to December 2019, therefore, the … Read More

Disclosure of the Sandbag Self-standing Sheet Preparation Method

We have renounced our rights to the Sandbag Self-standing Sheet (hereinafter “the Self-standing Sheet”) that we registered as a utility model called “Flexible Bag Opening Self-standing Holder” (registration number: 3170771) so that it can be widely used. The Self-standing Sheet was devised by our employees while we were providing support to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Self-standing Sheet is a work aid that allows open-mouth sandbags to stand by themselves when filled with earth and sand. We … Read More

Learn with the Sanoh Library

We have established the Sanoh Library on our website for our employees. The Sanoh Library is a site on which employees post reviews of books they have read. This site covers a wide range of genres. Employees share information on this site. They post their thoughts on the books they were impressed by when they read them and which they wish to recommend to other employees. They also post the reasons for recommending those books. We are working on the … Read More

Sanoh Group Active Air Shutter Guide

Geiger Automotive GmbH and Geiger Automotive USA, Sanoh Group Companies, manufacture resin Active Air Shutter Guides (ASG). The Active ASG functions as a part controlling the flow of air to the radiator and engine while effectively managing the heat in the engine room by opening and closing of the flaps. Furthermore, closing the flap at high speeds suppresses the inflow of air to the engine room and reduces overall air resistance. The newest generation of ASGs now also functions as … Read More