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Sanoh Group Active Air Shutter Guide

Geiger Automotive GmbH and Geiger Automotive USA, Sanoh Group Companies, manufacture resin Active Air Shutter Guides (ASG). The Active ASG functions as a part controlling the flow of air to the radiator and engine while effectively managing the heat in the engine room by opening and closing of the flaps. Furthermore, closing the flap at high speeds suppresses the inflow of air to the engine room and reduces overall air resistance. The newest generation of ASGs now also functions as … Read More

Dr. Shuji Nakamura – a Nobel Laureate in Physics – Gives a Lecture in Sanoh

Sanoh invites experts in various fields from outside the company to give lectures under the title of “Sanoh Colloquium” to support self-development. Dr. Shuji Nakamura (Professor in the Materials & ECE Department of the University of California, Santa Barbara), the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics, gave a lecture in our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture) on January 27 (Mon). The theme of this lecture was the “Invention of the Blue LED and Future Solid-state Light Sources). He talked about how he … Read More

Sanoh Wuhan Receives an Excellent Quality Award from Zhengzhou Nissan

Sanoh Industrial (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Sanoh Wuhan”), one of Sanoh’s bases in China, manufactures and sells piping products for automobiles in three locations in China. Sanoh Wuhan has now received the FY2019 Excellent Quality Award from Zhengzhou Nissan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Zhengzhou Nissan”). Sanoh Wuhan was highly rated for the quality of the products it delivered to Zhengzhou Nissan and for its delivery record for the period from January to December in 2019. This led to Sanoh Wuhan receiving … Read More

PT. Sanoh Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

PT. Sanoh Indonesia (hereinafter “PT. Sanoh”), our base in Indonesia, celebrated its 40th anniversary in September 2019. It held a ceremony (family gathering) to commemorate this. PT. Sanoh is the oldest local subsidiary among our overseas bases. It currently has 570 employees. Katsuyuki Kikuchi, President of PT. Sanoh, gave the following address at the ceremony that began with a traditional Indonesian dance: “Let’s all, including our family members, continue to come together as one and work with all our might … Read More

Ceremony to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Sanoh

We at Sanoh celebrated our 80th anniversary in March 2019. We held a ceremony to commemorate that at our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture) on November 10 (Sun). We were honored with the presence of Mayor Hariya from Koga at the ceremony. He gave us a congratulatory address. We also received messages on video from our local subsidiaries. This meant we were able to celebrate our 80th anniversary with our friends from all over the world. Our employees, their families and … Read More

Tubing Production Totals Distance to the Moon and Back 10 Times

As of the end of March 2019, total production of tubing, the main product of Sanoh, has reached over 8,220,000 km since production began in 1963. This distance of 8,220,000 km is equivalent to a trip to the moon and back 10 times (770,000 km per round trip). These tubes are used primarily in automotive piping products. They play an important role in carrying brake oil and fuel. Sanoh will continue to steadfastly progress so that we can provide high-quality … Read More

Volunteer Participation in an English Camp Organized by the Koga City Board of Education in Ibaraki Prefecture

An English camp organized by the Koga City Board of Education in Ibaraki Prefecture was held over three days from July 31 (Wed) to Aug 2 (Fri). Five employees from our company participated as members of staff on each day to support communication between the children and the Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). This English camp was held to cultivate the children’s communication skills and feelings for the wider world through hand-on activities with “real English.” Approximately 150 children participated – … Read More

Sanoh Participates in a Clean-up Event after the Koga Fireworks Display

An event organized by Koga City in Ibaraki Prefecture to clean up the river terrace was held in the early morning of August 4 (Sun) following the 14th Koga Fireworks Display held the previous day. A total of 70 employees from Sanoh participated in this event. We have participated in this cleanup event every year since FY2013. This fireworks display saw 20,000 fireworks, including the three-shaku (approx. 91 cm) ball that was the centerpiece of the event, decorate the summer … Read More

Introduction of an Employee of the Month Award

Sanoh has introduced a new Employee of the Month award for all employees in our global bases as part of our measures to ensure everyone in our company is aware of our fiscal year business policy. Employee of the Month is an award to recognize employees who have shown exemplary behavior and achieved results in areas such as the improvement of quality and production efficiency or improvement in knowledge and skills. This award, which we introduced in February this year, … Read More

Sanoh to Produce Parts for the New Mazda and Toyota Joint Venture Plant in the U.S.

Sanoh America, Inc. (hereinafter “Sanoh America”), our production base in the U.S., will manufacture parts (cluster tubes and brake pipes) for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. (hereinafter “MTMUS”), a new joint venture between Mazda Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, at their new plant to be built in Huntsville, Alabama in the U.S. Sanoh America will begin manufacturing parts from 2021 in a section of the automobile production line at the new MTMUS plant. The current plan is to hire … Read More