Sanoh to Begin Operations in the New Canada Plant

Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. has reinforced the production capacity of the Canada plant in Ontario, Canada, and begun its operations in April. The Canada plant is managed by Sanoh’s affiliate, HiSAN of Canada, Ltd., and has been recently relocated and newly constructed. Sanoh has supplied to the North American market through the operations of the three plants in the U.S., the one in Mexico, and the one in Canada. With the doubled production capacity of the new Canada plant, Sanoh … Read More

The Sanoh Global Operations Conference

The 5th Annual Sanoh Global Operations Conference was held on February 20, 2002. With the participation of forty-four people, including representatives from our twelve overseas affiliate companies such as HiSAN and Shanghai Sanoh, and Sanoh’s directors and operating officers, active discussions were held for maximizing management vitality and further solidarity of our group. Each representative from our overseas affiliate companies, including Mr. John Pfeifer, Executive Vice President of HiSAN Inc. in North America, the largest company among the overseas affiliate … Read More

New Approach Adds Color to Sanoh’s New Plastic Tubing Plant

Sanoh has been working on factory reforms since 2000, such as energy-saving measures for preventing global warming, and improvement of working environment focusing on better productivity, based on a long-term perspective. This time, we have adopted daring colors for interior parts of our second plastic tubing plant, as a trial to stimulate workers’ motivation and raise their spirits. Consulting an expert on color effects, who specialized in art and architecture at a university, we used pale green as a base … Read More

Sanoh placed 408th in Nikkei Corporate Excellence Ranking

On February 24, 2003 Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. was ranked 408th of the total in the Nikkei Corporate Excellence Ranking for FY 2002, a survey using Nikkei’s PRISM (Private Sector Multi Evaluation System), a multifaceted corporate evaluation system jointly developed by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. and Nikkei Research, Inc. In the Research and Development segment of the survey, Sanoh was placed 376th, and in the Youthfulness segment, 230th. This is a ranking of 2070 companies, covering listed companies on … Read More

Sanoh received a new order for the Ni-MH Battery used in electric bicycles

Sanoh received an order from the US company, EV Global Motors Inc., for the Ni-MH Battery pack and charger used for folding electric bicycles, and has completed the delivery of the first lot of 2000 sets. The good performance of Sanoh’s Ni-MH Battery is highly acclaimed by electric bicycle manufacturers not only in Japan, but also overseas. We will aggressively continue to promote them for use as the electric bicycle’s power source in Taiwan, China, Europe, and the United States. … Read More

Sanoh’s tube bending technology

One of the basic technologies Sanoh boasts is the bending of automotive tubing, including pipes, made of materials such as iron, stainless, aluminum, and nylon. This month, we will show you a small movie of the brake tube bending process. Sanoh develops and produces the process equipment in-house. Thus, we are able to utilize practical feedback from the production department in order to improve not only our bending technology, but all our technologies as well. We will continue to develop … Read More

Development and Release of E-learning System

SSS Inc., a subsidiary of Sanoh located in the Shibuya ward in Tokyo has developed and begun the sale of an e-learning system entitled “Terra.” E-learning is a new style of learning that incorporates the use of information technology, such as personal computers and the Internet. One merit of e-learning is that it enables users to learn at their own pace by allowing the opportunity to study material free from time or space restrictions. Utilizing the e-learning system to prepare … Read More

Guangzhou Sanoh featured on an NHK TV program

Guangzhou Sanoh Seikan Co., Ltd., one of Sanoh’s overseas affiliate companies, was recently featured on ‘NHK Special,’ a television program aired on October 13, 2002 on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). The program highlighted the current state of the automobile industry in China, which is growing rapidly and absorbing technologies from several foreign countries, including Japan. The segment showed a Quality Assurance representative from Guangzhou Honda, one of our customers, on a visit to the Guangzhou Sanoh plant. The reason why … Read More

Sanoh to Begin Tubing Production in Thailand

— The establishment of a second regional company in Thailand and the commencement of local tubing production — Sanoh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Sanoh’s second regional automotive parts manufacturing company in Thailand, will soon commence operations. Sanoh Industries will strengthen Sanoh’s operations in Thailand through local tubing manufacturing, which provides base materials for automotive brake and fuel lines, and through integrated manufacturing, from tube production and surface treatment, to the manufacture of chassis tubular parts through three-dimensional bending. Sanoh’s first … Read More

Shanghai Sanoh to begin mass production of plastic tubular products

Shanghai Sanoh Mechanical Manufacture Co., Ltd., one of Sanoh’s business bases in China, has recently relocated to a new site, and successfully completed an expansion of the facility. In addition to the established production of processing equipment, Shanghai Sanoh has begun supplying plastic tubular products to automobile manufacturers in the Shanghai region. Sanoh initially branched out its business into China in 1999, and now has two affiliate companies in operation, one in Guangzhou and one in Shanghai. Shanghai Sanoh serves … Read More