Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. to begin operations in the new Hamamatsu Plant

Along with continuing to pursue our customer-first policy, Sanoh has been working to implement several reforms in overall operations in order to enhance our competitive power. As part of these efforts, Sanoh will soon begin operations in our new Hamamatsu Plant in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka prefecture. The new facility is expected to serve as Sanoh’s base of operations in the Tokai-Hamamatsu region. The Hamamatsu Plant will be equipped with the advanced, original technologies that Sanoh boasts as a specialized manufacturer of … Read More

Contributing to the local community through IT education

Sanoh Communications Corp, a subsidiary of Sanoh, located in Koga, Ibaraki, continues to contribute to the local community through information technology education. For example, basic computer courses for job seekers, commissioned by the Ibaraki Branch of the Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan, drew a total of 70 participants for the four 3-month courses held in 2001. There were over 300 participants enrolled in all of the various courses offered in 2001, including seminars arranged independently. This year, … Read More

Completion of a ‘Robot Cart’ Automated Guided Vehicle

In a technical collaboration between the Engineering Center and the Power System Division, Sanoh has completed the creation of a ‘Robot Cart’ automated guided vehicle. This product has the three following main features: 1. Powerful Mobility The Robot Cart utilizes a Sanoh Ni-MH battery*, which has twice the power of a conventional lead battery. Therefore, although its weight and volume are less than half that of a traditional lead battery, Sanoh’s Ni-MH battery has the same mobility. 2. Excellent Usability Because … Read More

Sanoh Associate Performs Lifesaving Rescue

On June 9, 2002, a Sanoh associate came to the rescue of two men who nearly drowned in the lower reaches of the Tone River, located in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture. One of the men had lost consciousness, however the associate was able to save his life by administering proper artificial respiration, which was taught at a lifesaving training session given by our company. On June 17, the Sanoh associate was awarded public recognition by the chief of police for … Read More

In-house production of plastic products begin with the goal of 24 hour operation.

Sanoh is experiencing continued growth with our plastic tube due to the ability to significantly reduce the weight of the automobile, more stringent environmental regulations, etc. Sanoh started the in-house production of quick connectors to provide our customers with a high quality product that compliments the in-house production of Sanoh’s plastic tube. Accordingly, Sanoh has introduced the most advance electromotive injection molding machines into our production systems. Material loading, equipment controls and other systems are continually being managed and monitored … Read More

Operation to Clean the Watarase Drainage Basin

On April 13, Sanoh collaborated as an ISO 14001 certified acquisition company to clean the Watarase drainage basin. Seventy-one Sanoh employees volunteered to participate in the event to work to promote environmental preservation, as the ecosystem and scenery of the Watarase drainage basin are being threatened by illegal waste disposal. The Watarase drainage basin is located roughly 2 km from Sanoh’s Koga plant. It is the largest drainage basin in Japan, with an area of approximately 33 square km – … Read More

ISO 14001 Certification Awarded to All Domestic Facilities

In March 2002, Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification for the head office and all four domestic plants, concurrently. Sanoh has 29 global manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, and continuously strives to minimize the environmental impact of our global operations. 1. Certification Date: March 8, 2002 2. Registration Agency: Japan Automobile Research Institute, Inc. (JARI) 3. Registration Number: JAER 0340 4. Applicable Scope: 1) Head Office (Koga-shi, Ibaraki) Koga Factory (Koga-shi, Ibaraki) Saitama Factory (Kitasaitama-gun, Saitama) … Read More

Tube production totals the distance to the moon and back, 6 times!

As of the end of March 2002, total tube production has reached over 4,700,000km since production began in 1963. This distance is equivalent to traveling to the moon and back 6 times or 177 laps around the equator. Our steel and plastic tubing is used for both automotive parts and electronic products, and adheres to strict quality and safety standards. We continually strive to provide the highest quality, stable supply, low cost, and to create a product that satisfies the … Read More

The Sanoh Global Operations Conference

The 4th Annual Sanoh Global Operations Conference was held on February 22 2002, gathering Sanoh representatives from 12 of our overseas affiliate companies. Sanoh holds this conference every year with the aim of enhancing overall cohesiveness and strengthening communication within our global operations. At this year’s conference, with the directors and all department heads in attendance, an active discussion was held concerning issues facing our overseas affiliates and future business strategies. During the conference, an Award for Management Effort was … Read More

Sanoh’s FIR contributes to make the inside of an automobile more pleasant and comfortable.

Sanoh’s FIR (Fuel Injection Rail) is a product designed to uniformly supply fuel to the injector. A key feature of this product is that it reduces the pulsation generated by the injector. By reducing this pulsation, our FIR also greatly decreases the amount of unpleasant noise that can travel to the cabin of the car from the engine room, a vast improvement over earlier products. We expect there to be a great demand for our FIR from potential customers, both … Read More