Introduction of an Employee of the Month Award

Sanoh has introduced a new Employee of the Month award for all employees in our global bases as part of our measures to ensure everyone in our company is aware of our fiscal year business policy. Employee of the Month is an award to recognize employees who have shown exemplary behavior and achieved results in areas such as the improvement of quality and production efficiency or improvement in knowledge and skills. This award, which we introduced in February this year, … Read More

Sanoh to Produce Parts for the New Mazda and Toyota Joint Venture Plant in the U.S.

Sanoh America, Inc. (hereinafter “Sanoh America”), our production base in the U.S., will manufacture parts (cluster tubes and brake pipes) for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. (hereinafter “MTMUS”), a new joint venture between Mazda Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, at their new plant to be built in Huntsville, Alabama in the U.S. Sanoh America will begin manufacturing parts from 2021 in a section of the automobile production line at the new MTMUS plant. The current plan is to hire … Read More

Sanoh Commended for Participating in the Watarase Yusuichi Cleanup Operation

 Sanoh was praised for our proactive contribution to beautify the Tone River and Watarase Yusuichi by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Tonegawa River Upstream Users Association. The association awarded us a letter of appreciation. We have been participating in the Watarase Yusuichi Cleanup Campaign that is held every year in April since the first year (2001) of the activity. A total of 3,704 employees have taken part as cleanup volunteers over the 19 years so far. Watarase … Read More

Sanoh Holds Town Hall Meetings

Sanoh held town hall meetings (THMs) from March to April. The purpose of these was to stimulate communication between management and employees. We held 17 THMs in a format under which management, including President Takeda, visited offices and subsidiaries in Japan to answer questions from employees. A total of 1,334 employees attended these THMs. There were many frank opinions and questions at the THMs from employees who normally have few opportunities to meet management. These included those on corporate results, … Read More

Participation as Marathon Operation Volunteers

The 7th Sanspo Koga Hanamomo Marathon (10,500 participating runners) was held in Koga in Ibaraki Prefecture on March 10 (Sun). This marathon saw the participation of 33 Sanoh employees as operation volunteers.   Sanoh has participated in this marathon as volunteers since 2015. We are entrusted with two water stations every year. In addition to mineral water, we prepared more than twice the amount of sports drinks we did last year so that all runners could get to drink them … Read More

In-house Lectures

Sanoh invites experts in various fields from inside and outside the company to hold lectures under the title of Sanoh Colloquim to support self-development. The lectures are easy-to-understand even for beginners with no prior knowledge. There are also opportunities to experience astronomical observation and zazen (seated Zen meditation). The employees who have participated in these lectures say that they have deepened their knowledge while having fun. Sanoh will continue to plan and run events that allow our employees to come … Read More

Sanoh Participates in Automotive World

Sanoh participated in the Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo at the Automotive World 2019 exhibition held in Tokyo Big Sight from January 16 (Wed) to 18 (Fri), 2019. We showcased a development concept for an all-solid-state battery together with the U.S. firm of Solid Power Inc. at an exhibition participated in by automobile related companies from around the world. Many visitors stopped by our booth at the venue. They had an interest in our environmental issue-focused products and efforts on all-solid-state … Read More

TABLE FOR TWO Social Action Program

In October 2010, Sanoh introduced the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program. Since then, we have been serving TFT-branded healthy menu items in the company cafeteria at Koga Factory (Ibaraki Prefecture). TFT is a program which operates under the concept of people like us in the developed world and children in the developing world sharing meals beyond time and space. This program allows us, who are increasingly suffering from obesity, to donate 20 yen, equivalent to one school meal for children … Read More

Sanoh Wins an Award in a Greenery Curtain Contest

The greenery curtain nurtured at our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture) won the Award of Excellence at the FY2018 Koga City Greenery Curtain Contest. We have worked on wall-greening activities on a company-wide basis since 2009. Greenery curtains serving as replacements for blinds lead to energy savings. The moderate lighting that shines into rooms also has a healing effect. Many leaves were blown away by the strong winds caused by the typhoon this year. However, it has grown into a fine … Read More

Sanoh Child House Sakuranbo

We have established a childcare center for employees called “Sanoh Child House Sakuranbo” (hereinafter “Sakuranbo”) in our Koga Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture). Sakuranbo opens according to our work calendar to allow our employees to engage in childcare and their work with peace of mind. This means it is possible for parents to rush immediately to the center in the event of an emergency. It also makes it possible to shorten the dropping off and picking up time. There are currently 22 … Read More