Corporate Philosophy

Sanoh’s “Corporate Philosophy” is formulated based on three main principles as follows:
“Mission/Vision”, “Corporate Motto”, and “The Sanoh Way”. These are Sanoh’s most fundamental principles and beliefs for maintaining longevity (success) as a company while fulfilling our social responsibilities.



Our Mission is to put forth our best efforts for the sake of the Safety and Security of our stakeholders together with Environmental Conservation through the supply of products and global business activities as a company with a spirit for the handmade.
In order to accomplish this mission, we will aim to Develop People, Develop Systems and Develop Technologies and to become an innovative group of experts.

The Global Sanoh Group strives for a corporate culture where each employee is a valuable asset that enables both employees and Sanoh to grow together. In order to develop truly functional knowledge, we promote practices of hands-on interaction, known as “Hand-making”, as well as “Creativity”, establishing an environment and opportunities for employees to grow and achieve “Personal Development”.
Through the accumulation of each employee’s daily activities, we will continue to grow the number of elements that we can be proud to call the best in the world among the products and business activities within the Global Sanoh Group.
Through these kinds of activities, we will pursue permanence as a company and the fulfillment of our responsibilities to society.

Sanoh’s “Mission/Vision” indicates the significance of the our existence in society and our social responsibilities, as well as, show the direction that we seek to proceed in.

Corporate Motto

Continuous Improvements in Every Phase of Management

The “Corporate Motto” is the most fundamental principle company-wide that constitutes improvement activities for the management and the beliefs that Sanoh always seeks to utilize.

The Sanoh Way

1.Create New Value

  • Futurity
    Aspire to the future and envisage how things should be.
  • Flexibility
    Think flexibly – do not be bound by preconceived ideas.
  • Humanity
    Take action that is sincere, warm, and considerate.

2.Achieve Outstanding Results as an Organization

  • Sense of Responsibility
    Recognize role responsibilities and follow through precisely to the end.
  • Sanoh “Market-In”
    Understand and act with consideration of others’ perspectives to achieve the goal.
  • Self-Generating/
    Make self-generating and self-governing evaluations with an understanding of the essence of the task, and take prompt action.

3.Have High Aspirations

  • Knowledge * Motivation
    Always absorb new knowledge and actively apply it to your work.
  • Hand-Making
    Learn through touching and experiencing with your own hands.
  • Challenges
    Always establish ever-higher targets and grow through action to achieve them.

“The Sanoh Way” is the attitude and principles that we seek in our employees to develop our personalities and diversity.