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Research and development

Research and development

We are developing new products and
technologies not limiting ourseleves by present ones.

Job description

  • Development of existing type of chassis tubular products
  • Development of products for electric-driven automobile application
  • Research of environment-related products for non-automobile application
  • Development of internal IT systems
You will be involved in challenging and rewarding R&D projects including market research, research on basic technologies, product development and technical sales.
Your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm will be a driving force to create Sanoh’s new products.

Production engineering

The departments associated with production engineering in Sanoh are responsible for process design for production lines and manufacturing of machinery, fixtures and tools. We also supply production equipment to the domestic and overseas production bases.

Job description

  • Business planning, quality control, training for engineers, educational activities and customer satisfaction improvement.
  • Technical information management and enhancement of management under ISO9001/IATF16949/ISO14001.
  • Development of new technologies and manufacturing methods, development and design of highly advanced production equipment, 3D-CAD mechanical design, process design and specification development for machinery.
  • Development and design of machine control and control systems, IoT, programming, machine safety design, electric wiring and maintenance management for receiving stations.
  • Assembly of production equipment, part machining, installation and fine tuning for equipment, machine improvement, and guidance for maintenance.
Design engineering

Design engineering

In order to provide highly functional and quality automotive components at reasonable cost, we participate in new vehicle development at the domestic and overseas automakers and incorporate our technologies and know-how into our product design.

We are handling a wide range of business; product design, development of new production methods, specification development, product design, prototyping, analysis and evaluation, validation testing, and internal coordination to proceed with mass-production.

We feel a real sense of fulfillment when seeing the components we designed are mounted on vehicles actually running on the road.
Why don’t you try your skills in the workplace where you can fully demonstrate your motivation?


We develop infrastructures and systems necessary for the company to conduct business. Also, we are responsible for providing an environment in which employees can work with a sense of ease and fulfillment.

Job description

Human resources
Development of curriculums for layer-specific training, managers training, etc.
Promotion of work-life balance and preparation for an environment in which female employees and foreign employees can play active roles through the activities conducted by the diversity promotion group.
Services concerning recruitment and personnel system.
Legal affairs
Assessment and conclusion of contracts.
Legal assistance in implementation of business strategies, such as M&A, investment, establishment of a joint venture company, etc.
IR-related services including information transmission to investors, shareholders and customers, and planning, preparation and hosting of financial briefing.
Services concerning management of shares and general meeting of shareholders.
General affairs
Preparation for a good working environment so as for employees to carry out their duties.
Facility management, safety and health, employee welfare benefits and response to requests from outside.
Financial affairs
All aspects of financial and accounting affairs.
Consolidated and non-consolidated financial settlement, cash management, tax affairs and asset management.
Corporate planning
Coordination to develop the mid-term business plan and business plan for the business year.
Domestic and overseas performance management and management for the operating officer meeting etc.
Sales and purchasing

Sales and purchasing

We operate the sales and marketing activities to the domestic and overseas automakers.
In order to increase sales, we obtain information about new cars that are planned to launch in the market and make proposals and negotiations to offer products that satisfy customer needs.

We also work on establishment of new overseas bases as we have been expanding business with the overseas automakers.

Our organization consists of the global marketing division that globally develops the sales activities, the purchasing division that is responsible for procurement of raw materials and components, and the corporate planning division that is responsible for planning for new business and development of sales strategies.


We are responsible for manufacturing Sanoh’s products that support the critical automotive functions of ‘Drive, Turn, Stop and Protect’, directly with our hands. Since Sanoh Industrial has business with many automakers, you will have opportunities to see what you made is installed on the vehicles around you. We are sure you will realize you are engaged in a worthwhile job at that time.