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Selection Process

* The hiring process is basically as follows, and is subject to partial change.


New graduate

Hiring process(New graduate)Hiring process(New graduate)
(*1) You may apply for a job without participating in a company information session. Your participation will not affect a result of screening.
(*2) You may sometimes undergo the 3rd interview.




Hiring process(Mid-career)Hiring process(Mid-career)
(*1) You may sometimes undergo the 3rd interview.





New employee onboarding

Regardless of employment pattern (new graduate, mid-career, part-time or persons with disabilities), all newly hired employees participate in the onboarding training.
To facilitate a smooth transitioning into work, the training program includes various types of lectures on job procedures, company compliance, etc.
New graduates with no previous work experience are required to take additional curriculums, such as business manners.