Technology Research&Development

R&D Efforts

Sanoh Industrial is advancing R&D of various products and services based on the needs of our customers.

New Battery R&D

We are advancing R&D of all-solid-state batteries and magnesium batteries. These batteries have a higher energy density than conventional lithium ion batteries and also have a major advantage in terms of safety.


2018 Invested in Solid Power Inc. – a company involved in the R&D and manufacturing of all-solid-state batteries
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2017 Presented joint research with the Saitama Industrial Technology Center at the 58th Battery Symposium

GaN Semiconductors R&D

With the aim of contributing to the widespread use of energy-saving devices, we have been conducting research on the development of laser technology and substrate processing technology of GaN Semiconductors.


2021 Started consignment processing of GaN semiconductor substrates
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2018 Launched collaborative research with the Nagaoka University of Technology
2016 Launched collaborative research with the Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC) at UC Santa Barbara

Hydrogen Production and Storage Technology R&D


2019 Launched collaborative research with Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Tsukuba
2018 Launched collaborative research with Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Fields

We are working on various R&D projects in terms of materials, methods and products.

Automobile Related Products


  • All-solid-state batteries
  • Magnesium batteries


  • GaN Semiconductors

Hydrogen Energy Related

  • Hydrogen Production and Storage Materials

IT Related

  • Various business systems

Cooperation with External Organizations

We are advancing research in cooperation with various universities, research institutes and companies inside and outside of Japan.