Equipment is Made in-House

Technology Equipment is Made in-House

Equipment is Made in-House


Creating what we need with our own hands

At the Global Sanoh Group, the processing equipment for many of our products is developed, designed, and manufactured entirely in-house.

In the Engineering Center, our equipment manufacturing division, experts in the field of equipment assembly and design and the field of research and development work together in the spirit of Hand-Making and Innovation to create equipment that we can be proud to call the best in the world.

It is precisely because we know our own products inside and out that we are able to create innovative equipment that achieves high productivity and superior quality. This is the strong advantage that distinguishes Sanoh from other specialized equipment makers.

Sanoh quality is achieved through cooperation between product development, equipment development, and manufacturing

The cooperation between the respective development divisions for products and for processing equipment enables us to implement effective equipment development and ensure that all product requirements are incorporated at the time of the initial design conception.

Completed equipment is put into actual use on mass production lines in our manufacturing divisions, and all feedback from the field is reflected in development planning for both equipment manufacturing and future equipment, in consideration of further improvements and the environment.

This cooperation between the product development, equipment development, and manufacturing divisions makes it possible for us to create both products and processing equipment that are high in quality, highly sophisticated, and have a reduced impact on the environment.